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ADVANTIGRO® is a blend of three plant growth regulators improving seed emergence, plant vigor and function, and offering resilience under harsh early-season conditions. Apply ADVANTIGRO in-furrow with fertilizers or in-season as a foliar spray to give your yield an advantage.

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Give Your Plants an Early-season Advantage

ARISTON® combines the two unique  modes of action for resistance management benefits and excellent preventative/curative activity. ARISTON helps prevent early and late blight, giving potato growers full-season protection…with an ROI they deserve!

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Two Modes of Action to Control Late Blight

You don't have to paint it white, just paint it right with DIFFUSION®!

A premium liquid calcium carbonate product, DIFFUSION helps manage light and reduce heat stress, resulting in more efficient water usage for the plant. The calcium carbonate crystals in DIFFUSION reflect light while their porous nature does not interfere with photosynthesis. Use DIFFUSION prior to any significant heat event of 92º or greater for better quality and higher yields.

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Beat the Heat

Take Control of Powdery Mildew

LAGUNA® is a premium fungicide providing effective, consistent control of powdery mildew in wine grapes. LAGUNA offers growers a reliable and flexible tool in their resistance management arsenal.

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SONATA® is a biofungicide and an excellent component for any integrated, sustainable residue management program. Use SONATA for a reliable, quality product to fight mildews and rusts in your specialty crops.

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VAQUERO® sets a new benchmark for fast, consistent control of volunteer corn and troublesome grasses in your fields. Proprietary formulation technology of VAQUERO dramatically improves the formulation stability of this two-pound clethodim herbicide, delivering unsurpassed results.

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Better Fields Begin and End With SONATA®

Stronger. Quicker. Cleaner Fields.

Find additional Active Products to help control pests in your fields

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